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SALE 50% OFF!! Premier Cape Cod Jewelry

This is the Trademarked Cape Cod Jewelry from LeStage.   These pieces are stamped sterling silver and (where it applies) 14K Gold. The main differences between our “Premier Cape Cod Jewelry” and our “Cape Cod Jewelry 1” category are:

1)      The Premier Cape Cod Jewelry is made in Massachusetts and not imported.

2)      The gold or silver ball is solid not hollowed out (like the Cape Cod Jewelry 1 Category).

3)      The Sterling Silver is finished off with a higher shine/polish.

Buyer beware. If you are shopping for Cape Cod Jewelry and the retailer is not stating that it is LeStage, what you are looking at would be the import line or the equivalent of our “Cape Cod Jewelry 1”. Both are fine pieces of jewelry but there are definite differences in quality and price.  The majority of online retailers sell the import line.  

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